Velux Blinds

An ideal solution for every window in the home. This high-quality window dressing is a compact alternative to curtains, offering light control, privacy and optimum functionality.

Our Velux Blinds

We supply the full range of original Velux blinds and shutters, which go hand in hand with Velux roof windows. The patented Velux Pick & Click system makes installation fast and simple, thanks to pre-fitted mounting brackets. No matter what type of Velux roof window you have, all Velux blinds and shutters will fit flawlessly, every time.

For design and environmentally conscious consumers, our new Nature Collection blinds come in a range of colours that allow you to bring the peace and tranquility of nature directly into your home.  Primarily made from recycled materials, which halves their carbon footprint compared with other collections, they are the natural choice for getting the most out of your Velux roof windows.

Velux blackout blinds ensure a restful sleep, even during the middle of the day, thanks to a light proof seal. Enjoy stepless positioning and a slim design, which integrates perfectly with your roof windows. For the ultimate comfort, add solar power to your Velux blind, allowing precise control at the touch of a button.

Range of colours

From hidden cords and slim designs, to darkened blackout side rails and Oeko-tex fabrics, we always add that extra touch. So whether you need light control, heat protection, a sophisticated look or a splash of colour, you are sure to find the right blind for your needs. Simply choose from our wide range of blind types, and select a colour or pattern that complements your room.

Velux Blinds Plymouth - Indigo Bathroom Mobile - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Benefits of Velux Blinds

VELUX blinds and shutters provide extra insulation, daylight control and heat protection. This way, they can reduce your home’s energy consumption by minimising heat loss during the Winter, as well as heat gain on a hot, sunny day. If you choose an electric or solar-powered operation, you get the added convenience of a touch screen control pad, and the ability to programme everything to open and close, at just the right times.

Velux Blinds Plymouth - Loft Bedroom Mobile - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Velux Blinds Gallery

Take a look at our gallery of velux blinds below. For a free quote, please contact us today.