Roman Blinds

An ideal solution for every window in the home. This high-quality window dressing is a compact alternative to curtains, offering light control, privacy and optimum functionality.

Our Roman Blinds

Featuring soft, elegant lines, Roman blinds provide privacy, insulation and complete light control. Inspired by the latest trends in soft furnishings, our Roman blinds are perfectly designed to create a sumptuous and luxurious effect.

Precise control is achieved thanks to our unique bead chain operated headrail, which makes adjustment of the blind a simple task, and allows the fabric to pull up into balanced, soft and symmetrical folds. Roman blinds are fully lined, and therefore are a contemporary alternative to traditional curtains. Blackout lining is optional on many of our fabrics, making Romans particularly suitable for bedrooms.

A gorgeous collection of fabrics, including faux leather, faux suede, stripes and silks is available. We also provide a make-up service using your own material.

Range of colours

An extensive range of luxurious fabrics are available, across a huge palette of styles and designs. All fabric Roman blinds come fully lined. A choice of coloured linings is available, as is blackout lining for most fabrics. Colour palettes are carefully selected to sit perfectly with your home furnishings. We also provide a make up service using your own material.

Roman blinds work as one piece of flat fabric, which gradually folds as the strings are pulled. Roman blinds are pleated so that when they are opened, they form neat, clean folds, and when they are closed, they lay flat, creating a clean and minimalist look.

Take a look at our range of fabrics below:

Roman Blinds Plymouth - Nordic Mobile - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are energy-efficient. They are perfect, whether you want to keep the heat in or out. If you choose wisely, you will have a simple and stylish window treatment, perfect for all seasons.

Roman blinds don’t offer the same light control as other shades. However, the pleated style of these blinds allows just enough light in, whilst still providing a reasonable amount of shade. The advantage of Roman blinds is that it uses an entire piece of fabric.

Roman Blinds Plymouth - English Garden Mobile - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Roman Blinds Gallery

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